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Marcus loses all his belongings- his factory, house, car etc. to Alex at a game of Gin Rummy. Alex offers to drop all debts in return for one night with Marcus' teenage daughter Chris. He agrees reluctantly but when he tries to intervene, Alex and his wife Mary bind him to a chair. She stays behind to keep an eye on him. Alex forces Chris to assume the roles of his childhood cat 'Samuel' (she has to lap up milk from a bowl while nude), his mother (she has to nurse him), his wife, his child (he spanks her), his horse, and finally his mistress. Therewhile, Mary seems to be burning up in her green dress. She performs an erotic dance for Marcus, lapses into a memory of her mother having intercourse with a lover while she was a girl, and finally masturbates while watching Alex and Chris pretend they are lovers.

Released: 1971
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Viewed: 470 times

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